Connection x Connexion


Le centre d’exposition Art-image
Maison de la culture
Gatineau, Québec

Winner of the Prix du CALQ- for work of the year.  95 porcelain scrolls suspended the length of the gallery offers a poetic metaphor for contemplating our understanding of the universal principle of interconnectedness. This installation has travelled to La Sarre, Centre Materia, Quebec City, and the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Waterloo.

Artist Statment

We live in an age of unparalleled access to information – these days, our challenge is sorting fact from fiction, truth from spin.

Our interpretation is influenced by the cultural and social context in which we are raised, our formal education, the explosion of knowledge through the social and physical sciences. Yet, despite all the information (or perhaps because of it?), we are witnessing an increasing gulf between our material culture and our spiritual core. We seem to have lost our way.

I am interested in all the diverse ways of knowing, and how cultures acquire the knowledge that serves to advance their unfolding civilizations. Four thousand years ago, the Mesopotamians recorded their truths on clay tablets that, once fired, could not be altered. Spiritual texts such as those recorded on the Dead Sea scrolls have shaped society throughout time.

As an artist, I see that immersing ourselves in nature inspires us to follow our intuition, our gut feelings. This installation offers a poetic metaphor for the continued search for meaning, for deeper understanding of each other and ourselves, how all existence is ultimately connected, creating a bridge from the individual to the universal. Every porcelain scroll I make writes its own story, with its own language mysteriously appearing, inviting us to grasp its meaning.